The Rockford Skating Club is proud to be affiliated with United Skates Figure Skating (USFS). Our purpose is to aid members in fulfilling their individual goals in the sport, while promoting a spirit of camaraderie among fellow skaters. Membership in the club is open to skaters of all ages and abilities.


UPCOMING EVENTS:   The Shamrock Open will be held at Carlson Ice Arena on March 13th.  The application will be available on entryeeze in 2016.  Please check back for more information.

Tests Passed at November 7th Test Session

Congratulations to the following RSC skaters for passing their tests:

Pre-Preliminary MIF 

Genevieve DeGuzman

Anna Garafalo

Brooklyn Socha

Eliana Wisniewski

Preliminary MIF

Natalie Abramat

Arianna Baxter

Emily Lepek

Pre-Juvenile MIF

Abby Brodeski

Grace Clark

Abigail Schriever

Juvenile MIF

Alexandra Lung

Intermediate MIF

Payton Winke

Hailey Zimmerman

Junior MIF

Sabrina Meng

Pre-Preliminary FS 

Aaliyah Davis

Anna Garofalo

Samantha Montavon

Preliminary FS

Melanie Croke

Aaliyah Davis

Karah Putnam

Juvenile FS

Madison Marconi

Intermediate Freeskate

Faith Sutton

Junior Freeskate

Natasha Ferrero





To our Rockford Skating Club Skaters who competed at the Upper Great Lakes Regional Competition!

Makala Arn Junior Ladies 2nd Place Final Round

Anastasia Gracheva - Novice Ladies 12th Place QR

Molly Budlong - Intermediate Ladies 13th Place QR

Natasha Ferrero - Junior Ladies Test Track 4th Place Final Round

Isabella West - Novice Ladies Test Track 6th Place QR

Aleksandra Gracheva - Juvenile Ladies 17th Place QR

Karlie Taylor - Juvenile Ladies 16th Place QR

Payton Winke - Open Juvenile 1st Place QR and 1st Place Final Round

Amelia Winke Pre-Juvenile Ladies WB 5th Place QR

Brianna Pifer Intermediate Ladies Test Track 8th Place QR

Faith Sutton Intermediate Ladies Test Track

Madison Marconi Juvenile Ladies Test Track 2nd Place Final Round

Aaliyah Davis Preliminary WB 14th Place QR

Ben Kies Preliminary Boys WB 7th Place QR

Anna Lindmark Pre-Juvenile Ladies Test Track 4th Place QR and 3rd Place Final Round

Ally Lung Pre-Juvenile Ladies Test Track 1st Place QR and 5th Place Final Round

Abigail Schriever Pre-Juvenile Ladies Test Track 5th Place QR

Olivia Torre Pre-Juvenile Ladies Test Track 8th Place QR

John Carlson Preliminary Boys Test Track 1st Place Final Round

Emily Schriever Preliminary Ladies Test Track 17th Place QR

Samantha Montavon Pre-Preliminary Ladies Test Track 16th QR


Good Work Skaters and Coaches



IMG_2195.JPGCongratulations Makala Arn!

Once again Makala Arn will be representing the Rockford Skating Club at the Midwestern Sectionals which will be held this year in Strongsville, Ohio from November 17-21st.  Makala will be competing in the Junior Ladies division and we wish her the very best of luck.